A quiet revolution

Worse than the election of Donald Trump to President of the United States, worse even than the rise of Mike Pence to Vice-President, is the under-reporting of how this particular Republican win will affect LGBT rights.

Journalists and pundits decry (and rightly so) what this means for the environment, for women, Muslims, Latinos and African Americans, but there’s a sizable part of the population (about the size of New Jersey) that’s being forgotten. The numbers might be smaller, but if journalists outside of the pink press don’t care about the impact on the USA’s 9-million strong LGBT population, it’s proof that homophobia, or at least indifference, is already partly institutionalised.

Much like the UK’s anti-establishment vote earlier this year, the US election result reveals a country we didn’t realise was divided until now – the result of social silos and echo chambers. If we want to get our democracies back in shape and overcome these nihilistic movements that give rise to extremism and hate crime, we need to get outside of our closed groups and bridge those social divides. Now more than ever. Sodom is a gay film for the other 90%, so that we might not be so easily forgotten.

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