The Kickstarter Funding model

It’s a rare and delicious treat. That moment when you’re sitting at a film festival, waiting for the film to begin. Only for what seems like an eternity to pass by before we cut to the action, as each of the infinite production companies involved are individually listed. Unfortunately the waves of laughter that erupt at this point give way too quickly to dismay, as the audience shifts in its seat, preparing itself for what we now know is likely to be a bumpy ride. Too many fingers, not enough pies.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the community-funding model, which often comes to the rescue of filmmakers who’ve run out of money (or credit limit) on their self-funded projects. And there are hundreds of wonderful films that wouldn’t have been made, without that filmmaker’s vision, and the courage to see it through. Of course they’re not all diamonds in the rough. But where would be without films, such as Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa, Zach Braff’s Wish You Were Here, The Killings Of Tony Blair, Unbranded, Korengal, Finding Vivian Maier, James White… The list goes on. As well as LGBT films such as Matt Shepard Is A Friend Of Mine, Bridegroom and Do I Sound Gay? which struggle to find funding elsewhere.

Yes, it requires cinema-goers to purchase their ticket before the film’s even been made. But for that the choice of screens is endless. It’s cinema at its most diverse. And in your hands.

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