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Entertainment Focus
“From the moment they meet, the chemistry between Will and Michael is electric.”

Dirty Movies
“Sodom is an enjoyable 90-minutes love-story and it is an outstanding debut feature for Mark Wilshin.”

“SODOM is an impressive, assured, thought-provoking debut for a new British filmmaker.“

Movie Marker
“A gorgeously observed, stripped back chamber piece that is thrillingly astute in observation and subverting expectations.”

Gay Essential
“This complex tension between Will and Michael, aggravated by a fulminating sexual attraction, create a manifold connection which the film depicts with a precise direction.”

“Explorations of homophobia, self-acceptance, and loss all aside, Sodom is a moving depiction of instant attraction and the excitement that comes with it.”

Flickering Myth
“Given that the film had a tiny budget, its immaculate production is all the more impressive, and Mark Wilshin definitely announces himself as a filmmaker to watch.”

“Pour sa façon très réaliste, sensuelle et sensorielle de mettre en scène une rencontre ainsi que pour son atmosphère pulsionnelle, entre plénitude et angoisses, Sodom mérite le coup d’oeil.”